Everybody Bounce

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Whoever invented the bounce house
Really should win a prize
Cause everybody loves the bounce house
Big or little in size

Everybody bounce, bounce, bounce
Everybody bounce, bounce, bounce
Everybody bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Doing the bounce house bounce

Lots of parties have a bounce house
Some festivals have more than one
Shoes for a mile round the bounce house
Children having fun

Red and Yellow, Blue and Green
Swirling round in the air
Can’t stop giggling while you’re watching me
Happy static hair

Good Morning!

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Good morning! Good Morning!
It’s gonna be a beautiful day
Good Morning! Good Morning!
Rise & Shine. It’s time to play.

Stretch your legs out. Wiggle your fingers.
Maybe just open one eye
Reach your arms up above your shoulders
And let out a great big sigh

Hello Mother. Hello Father.
Hello sister and brother too.
So glad to see you, bright and early
And whisper sweetly, “I love you!”

Counting Time

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I’m going shopping with Mom today
My piggy bank is full
Dad said if I saved all my money
I could buy something cool

I’ve got dimes, those are 10’s; Quarters, 25’s
No nickels but lots of penny’s
I counted them last night

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 25, 50, 75, 100
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
That’s a lot of penny’s to be spending at one time.

Counting Penny’s. Counting Dimes. Counting Quarters.
It’s counting time

I looked up and down the aisles
And there it was
Just like breakfast commercials
I fell in love

I’ve got dimes, those are 10’s; Quarters, 25’s
I stood in the store counting penny’s holding up the line.

I had dimes those are 10’s; Quarters’ 25’s
I guess I’ll start all over, Saving for next time.

It’s Bath Time

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It’s bath time, it’s bath time
It’s fun for me and you
It’s bath time, it’s bath time
There’s nothing I’d rather do

Get out the soap and the bubbles too
Let’s finger paint the walls with blue

Colored foam letters A B Cs
Drop them in to splash with me

Giggling, laughing, having fun
All cleaned up and now we’re done

I’m Proud of You

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Everyone has their team shirts on.
Someone made sure they’d be ready today.
The team is here on time.
Someone cleared their schedule so they wouldn’t fall behind

The players have someone cheering.
No matter how well they do
Cause everyone here knows “it’s not about scoring”.
It’s someone saying “I love you!”

I’m Proud of You. I’m Proud of You.
I am just so proud of you Baby
I’m Proud of You.

Everyone here is happy
like weekly reunions of neighborhood families
It’s all about fun and friends; Thumbs up. Doing your best.

Win, lose, some will be ties. Game day, rain or shine.
Pictures, Trophies, and high 5 lines.
Forever memories in our minds.

I believe in all that you do, and I will always be here.
Because I’m proud of you

Play Ball

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I play baseball. I can throw the ball
I play football. I can catch the ball
I play soccer. I can kick the ball
I play basketball. I can dribble the ball
I play volleyball. I can spike the ball
I play bowling. I can roll the ball
I play tennis. I can hit the ball
I play all kinds. All kinds of ball and…

Daddy does too
Mama does too
Sister does too
Brother does too
Baby does too

All By Myself

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When I woke up this morning, I poured a big bowl of cereal, All by myself…
When the milk spilled a little, I found a paper towel on the shelf, All by myself…
When you walked in the dining room, Smiling ear to ear
You asked if you could help me, I smiled at you and took another bite, All by myself…

All by myself, All by myself
I’m going to keep growing bigger
All by myself

Today I think I’ll try to comb my hair and brush my teeth, All by myself…
I don’t need a stepping stood to turn the water on and wash my hands, All by myself…
I can’t tie a knot just yet, but Velcro shoes are easy
When I’m ready, I’ll zip zip my jacket to my chin, All by myself…

Before I go to sleep, I’ll pick up all my blocks and all my toys, All by myself…
I’ll make sure to fill the puppy’s bowl full with water from the fridge, All by myself…
I’ll put out my clothes for tomorrow and I’ll try to match my best
I’ll climb into bed, pull the covers up and blow a kiss to you, All by myself…

The Best Days

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There’s nothing better than a snow day
There’s nothing better than my sled
Jacket, boots, mittens & scarf
Bundled from my toes to my head

The Best Days, The Best Days
Are the days I spend with you
You take time to show you love me
And we’re having fun too

There’s nothing better than a beach day
There’s nothing better than the sand
Castles, Frisbee, shovel and pail
Jumping the waves holding hands

There’s nothing better than a sick day
There’s nothing better than a king-sized bed
Noodles, ice-cream, movies & books
Snuggled with pillows beneath my head

There’s nothing better than a zoo day
There’s nothing better than a kangaroo
Monkeys, zebras, rhinos, and bears
The best days I spend with you
The best days I spend with you
The best days I spend with you


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She began her life as a tiny little egg
Then grew to have a tail and gills
Splashing with the fish and making friends
In the pond just up the hill

It’s not magic, but I can’t explain
How her tail disappeared and 2 legs took it’s place
Gills were replaced with lungs in a day
She took a deep breathe before hopping a way

Polliwog, Polliwog… Change is exciting, Change is fun.
Polliwog, Polliwog… Life is full of changes, and change is awesome

Creepy and crawly he looked more like a worm
He would munch leaves for lunch
He spun himself a bed to rest a few nights
Til he opened his eyes, spread his wings, and took flight

Sometimes we know change is coming
Sometimes it’s a total surprise
It’s what you make of it. It’s what you take from it
You got to open your eyes… you’ll see.

Big sister, big brother but what does that mean
There’s a baby in the house crawling and crying
Winter passes and you’ve got a best friend
To play hide-n-seek and basketball with

I Am Loved

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Mommy loves me, Daddy loves me
Cause they told me so
Even when they do not say it
In my heart I know

I am loved!  I am loved!
I am loved!  I am loved!

To know that Daddy’s always near me
When I close my eyes
If I wake in the evening
Mommy’s by my side

I can lay my head down
And dream about the sun
Safe and warm In my bed
Wrapped in hugs

Mommy loves me, Daddy loves me…